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fink. – Let’s think financial transformation


About us

fink. is part of X1F Group. This company pursues the goal of advising financial service providers, in particular banks, on their transformation from a single source and end-to-end, as well as helping to shape and accompany this process responsibly. As an expression of this strategy, X1F’s consulting portfolio is being successively complemented and expanded. Already today, companies from the financial services sector can rely on management consulting from X1F Group for functional consulting focuses and its expertise in the topics of strategy and process management or digital transformation.

However, in order to meet the comprehensive customer needs, X1F has founded a company called fink. (headquartered in Munich) in order to extend the currently dominant IT focus more strongly into the specialist areas of financial service providers, where the transformation projects are initiated and for which responsibility is assumed.

fink. stands for the highest level of expertise in the efficiency-enhancing transformation of processes, methods, data and architectures for the control units of financial service providers, especially banks. Thus, fink. combines the know-how of the individual disciplines Finance & Regulatory, Risk & Treasury as well as Compliance with a distinctive Data Governance & Management competence to a portfolio of solutions for sustainable business architectures.



fink. – (as a play on words from financial and think) is a new generation of management consultancy with a fresh, open, approachable, participative appearance. With fink. we have the desire to create new things, have confidence in our own competence, believe in self-efficacy and meaningfulness. We tend to be doers and impulse generators rather than classic consultant types. Not a management consultancy in the conventional sense, but rather unconventional, with a high degree of empathy and experience.

“Let’s think financial transformation” – Together and at the same level as our customers, we are rethinking Financial Services back-office processes and architectures, especially for the control units.


Our Team

We believe that sustainable and economic success is created collectively and requires passion, the will to cooperate and the diversity of competencies of all participants.

Based on many years of experience in the financial services environment, we advise the areas of finance / risk / regulatory reporting and compliance as well as data governance and data management. With our in-depth technical expertise and field-tested application know-how in the holistic implementation of strategies, we combine the technical focus with advanced competencies in the transformation and digitalization of the control units of financial service providers.

In doing so, we take processes into account end-to-end and bridge the gap between the conceptualization of the technical aspects and the IT-related implementation, thus leaving customers not only with ideas and concepts, but also with sustainable and operational solutions.

We take a system-agnostic approach, based on broad experience in the German-speaking and international banking market with numerous specialist architectures, IT architectures and system landscapes, which include customized as well as standard solutions and transform methods and processes on the basis of the latest technology.

In addition, our corporate philosophy is based on the principle of participation: We give our employees a high degree of personal responsibility while promoting network thinking. Together, we are driven by the vision of leading banks into a sustainable future.

Sven Geilich
Managing Director fink. & COO / Managing Partner X1F GmbH
Matthias Mersdorf

Managing Director fink.

Dr. Przemyslaw Noetzel

Managing Director fink.



For us, good consulting means working together to develop the most effective, intelligent and sustainable solutions for our customers’ market requirements.

To meet the challenges of the financial industry, but more importantly to take advantage of new opportunities, the industry needs a new mindset.

Specialized in the area of financial services (banking, capital markets, insurance, fintechs, asset management), we stand for a new generation of management consulting. Where classical optimization of business processes reaches its limits, we think in terms of new solutions. 



In our corporate culture, we attach great importance to individual development and promote the continuing education of our employees. Our career model provides you with clear steps to achieve your professional goals. At fink. it’s not just about making a career, it’s also about living out your passion for the consulting business and your area of expertise.

With us, you will have the opportunity to continuously improve your skills, develop innovative solutions for our clients, and be part of a dynamic team that is shaping the future of the consulting industry. Become part of the team and realize your professional dreams at fink.

fink. is already looking for further employees. The following are the current vacancies.

(Senior) Consultant (m/f/d) Data Management – X1F

(Senior) Consultant (m/f/d) Data Management – Cloud – X1F

(Senior) Expert (m/f/d) Data Management – Cloud – X1F

(Senior) Manager (m/f/d) Bank Management – X1F

(Senior) Manager (m/f/d) Data Management – X1F

Consultant (m/f/d) Bank Management – X1F


You have questions or would like to use our offered services? Or would you like to get advice from our experts on an upcoming project?

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Matthias Mersdorf

E-Mail: matthias.mersdorf@x1f-fink.one

Phone: +49 172 7507479

Dr. Przemyslaw Noetzel

E-Mail: Przemyslaw.Noetzel@x1f-fink.one

Phone: +49 172 688 2482