In memory of our valued CEO, Lars Ackermann

It is with heavy hearts and deep sorrow that we share the sad news of the sudden and completely unexpected loss of our good friend and valued CEO, Lars Ackermann, who died in a traffic accident. At this challenging time, our thoughts are first and foremost with his family, to whom we extend our deepest sympathies, even if there are no consoling words.

Lars, rest assured, you will be remembered. You were not only a valued colleague and mentor, but also an extraordinary person who moved and shaped countless people with his vision and enthusiasm. Your traces will carry us forward.

What remains for us are the memories of the time with you, beautiful moments, challenging moments, fruitful discussions, some lows and many highs that we experienced together. We are grateful that we were allowed to be part of your path. Even though we still can’t believe it, from now on we have to go on without you.

You leave a big gap, but we will let your legacy, your ideas, your values live on in our hearts and in our actions. You will accompany us in this.

Rest in peace, dear Lars. You will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.

In silent mourning,

Sven Geilich, Stefan Mock and Zoran Tepsic representing the entire X1F group

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Hendrik Dold
Director Corporate Communications
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