XPACT, a Financial Services Specialist, joins the X1F Group

Further growth through X1F’s eighth subsidiary acquisition

  • Expansion of SAP banking competencies through XPACT Consulting AG
  • X1F: different as a service

Hamburg. XPACT Consulting AG from Jugenheim in Rheinhessen becomes part of the X1F Group. The 37-strong team has been supporting large and medium-sized financial institutions in the design of corporate processes and IT solutions for more than two decades. 

XPACT manages issues end-to-end, acting as a point of contact for business and IT departments alike. With its core expertise in the planning, design and implementation of SAP standard software, both in operational and analytical areas relating to disclosure and internal bank management, XPACT is the ideal complement to the X1F portfolio. In addition, overall bank and IT architectures for the finance, controlling and operational areas are developed, including blueprints for data models and flows. Above all, emphasis is placed on practical solutions both in conception and implementation. 

Frank Ludwig, CEO of XPACT: “Being part of the X1F Group combines the best of both worlds. XPACT can continue on its successful path as an independent company with a strong group of experienced IT specialists in the background, where synergies can be exploited.” Mark Bingenheimer, also a board member of XPACT: “At the right time, X1F is opening up new horizons for our employees and customers in terms of development, perspectives and scope of solutions.” X1F CEO Lars Ackermann expects the same: “XPACT, as the spearhead for an expansion of banking competencies, will ideally complement the Group’s portfolio and further expand our contact network in the financial services environment.”


The following companies comprise the X1F Group:

  • IKOR GmbH (technology consulting and platform integrator)
  • matrix technology GmbH (IT consulting and IT service provider) 
  • Informationsfabrik GmbH (data analytics and artificial intelligence) 
  • COMPIRICUS GmbH (process and system solutions for asset, treasury and risk management)
  • ADWEKO Consulting GmbH (IT and technical consulting in the analytical field of banks and insurance companies)
  • FSP GmbH Consulting & IT Services (IT security, IAM and insurance-related consulting)
  • BasisTeam IT Service & Consulting AG (SAP Basis Technology Consulting, SAP Workloads in the Cloud and SAP Operations)
  • XPACT Consulting AG (program / project management, architecture design, IT and technical consulting)

About X1F

The X1F Group offers technology and specialist consulting from a single source, supporting banks, insurance companies, industry and the public sector in the digital transformation with a full service offering. Under its umbrella, X1F bundles specialized, innovative and complementary services for business process consulting, program and project management, platform integration, data analytics, artificial intelligence, security, identity and access management, cloud and IT architecture as welI as IT infrastructure.

X1F as a holding company, in which funds of the Swiss private investor group Ufenau Capital Partners hold the majority stake, generates annual revenues of more than 130 million euros with its eight corporate subsidiaries and more than 835 employees. It offers IT solutions at 32 locations in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia.

Mark Bingenheimer

Managing Board
XPACT Consulting AG

Frank Ludwig

Managing Board
XPACT Consulting AG

Oliver Müller

Managing Board
XPACT Consulting AG

Andreas Thiel

Managing Board
XPACT Consulting AG

Lars Ackermann

X1F GmbH

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