„different as a service“ – the new X1F positioning and what it means for our customers

The X1F Group is just under two years old. The original merger of two companies has become an umbrella for what are now eight independent specialists with complementary services. The founding principle of pooling IT consulting competencies for companies, especially from highly regulated industries such as finance and insurance, is still valid. However, it is no longer comprehensive enough in its description of who we are and what we do. We have now underpinned it with a strategic foundation and cast our positioning in an authentic brand design.

X1F positions itself differently

After a phase of strong growth, which, in addition to our day-to-day business, primarily challenged us organizationally, we were able to pause and structure our thoughts on the positioning of the X1F Group. What makes us stand out as a technology consultant for companies with rigorous requirements, e.g., in the areas of IT and cyber security, processing and analysis of sensitive data, AI, risk management and platform integration?

The answer is: each of our subsidiaries are trusted advisors with proven excellence in their areas of expertise. This proximity to our customers, the understanding of their challenges and the ability to constantly rethink and develop individual solutions for their digital business models, makes the decisive difference.

X1F CEO Lars Ackermann summarizes what our positioning means for the digital development of our customers: “X1F is the guarantor of digitalization not as an end in itself, but as a means of moving people forward. We stand for courage, trust and expertise. With the help of these qualities, we enable companies to break new ground and stand out in the market. “

different as a service – X1F Brand successfully relaunched

As a beacon and point of contact for our customers, the X1F brand combines unique and individual consulting “as a service”. Instead of having to talk to and negotiate with many players individually, X1F is the one-stop shop for all digitalization processes for companies, with the right contacts for every conceivable scenario. This gives our customers the best of both worlds.

With a new design, including new imagery and a focus on the human aspects derived from our positioning, we now communicate this added value even more strongly through our brand. On the new X1F homepage, interested parties can find out more about our experts, subsidiaries and the collective competencies in the Group and contact us directly.

Feel free to contact us, we will work with you to find solutions for your challenges and the courage to rethink your business.

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Director Corporate Communications
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